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VRAR Lab is the production studio behind Cerevrum Inc. and its products — Speech Center VR and Cerevrum Game. The core of our team, the co-founders, has been together for over 10 years and we have been developing VR projects for the last four years. Throughout this time, in addition to implementing our ideas into life, we have also been developing commercial projects for companies. To achieve the best results, we are utilizing the newest technologies in the market, both on the software and the hardware sides. Outside of Cerevrum Inc., our three main focus areas are: interactive 3D projects, 360° videos and CG, and demo projects.
3D projects
We have a lot of experience in developing interactive projects with procedural generation, work in many different styles, and perfectly understand how to optimize the graphics for mobile devices. Moreover, our team has experience in working with different sensors and input devices.

Bridge showcase

Take a flight on a futuristic helicopter along a bridge. User navigates the helicopter with a gamepad. A dispatcher guides the user, describes the bridge characteristics, and mentions interesting facts. The case is a good example of using VR as an industrial project presentation. Made as an exhibition case.

Jump into the Future

Client: Beeline
Put on your virtual reality glasses and get inside the high-speed world of 4G+! You’ll fly through the musical cosmic space, dive into a spectacular racing film scene and on top of all that, get into the game universe!

Virus Hunters

Client: Kaspersky Lab
Hunting season is open, and you are a virus hunter. Explore a computer from the inside, hunt for viruses, and defeat them using a Samsung Gear VR touch panel. The case was part of exhibition project for the Mobile Technologies Museum, which took place in five cities.

World of Sharks

Client: iVision
World of Sharks is a unique interactive project for Oculus Rift. It sends us back to millions years ago and deep into an ancient undersea world full of subaquatic habitats. A spectacular fight of megalodon and huge squid, everyday-life of ancient octopus and many more interesting things to discover down below!


Client: iVision
A fascinating wakeboard race for an odd setup – Oculus Rift, Kinect and a simple fan which emulates sea breeze. Player races an extreme track full of springboards & sharks, collecting bonuses on the side.

Battle with sharks

Client: iVision
Your underwater thriller is here! Are you brave enough to meet face-to-face with huge sharks? Yes, and though you are in the cage, the adrenaline flows anyway. This experience features massive graphics and was made as an exhibition demo based on Oculus Rift.

BMW Virtual Ride

Client: BMW
This case was made for BMW, and based on Oculus Rift and Wheelie Machine setup. An impressive opportunity to test new BMW S100R. As a nice addition - put waist- coat KOR-FX Haptics to feel a real pressure


Client: Roscosmos State Corporation
A presentation of the innovative PKR “Saphir” project - a small orbit group satellite system for governmental and communicational purposes. A user watches a satellite delivery, observes the system and tests its capabilities. A user is placed right inside of the satellite and explores the situation in the first person. A fascinating view from the space on our planet is a free add.
360° videos & CG
In addition to delivering high quality 360° panoramic videos we also know how to work with with computer graphics CG, as well as how to add graphic elements to the videos to make them entertaining and informative. Our team includes professional operators, directors, and editors.

Virtual tour
of biotech company

Client: Biocad
Get inside of the closed to the public innovative labs of the biotech Russian company. Thanks to video 360 technology explore the development of new pharmaceutical products “over the shoulder” of scientists. Use interactive tips to learn more about technologies and equipment. The tour was realized in 2 modes : web browser-based one and Samsung Gear VR one. As distinct from usual video 360, the app is equipped with interactive menu in an aim to provide you total freedom in navigation. The case is a good example of an educational solution for employees and outstanding demo for partners.
Demo project
VR is our passion and we never stop exploring the opportunities provided by the technology. Thus we develop many different demo projects that allow us to immerse the user into virtual worlds which the user can control through different devices. Such projects allow us to do scientific research on how VR can benefit people in different application areas.

Cerevrum Demo

Cerevrum helps you to learn and improve your cognitive abilities in virtual reality. It targets the entire spectrum of cognitive abilities: memory, perceptual speed, multitasking, executive function, and attention. Data-driven machine learning characterizes each of Learner's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, adjusting chalenges in real-time.


Atlantis is an atmospheric puzzle game with awesome graphic design for Samsung GearVR. Atlantis was made for Oculus Jam 2015.

Social VR

Behind the demo is our idea to introduce Facebook con-tent to VR environment. Just imagine how Facebook will look like in the near future. Maybe something like that? 3D photos, videos, games and... likes, tons of likes, as usual.

VR Engine

The demo project developed in aim to explore usage of VR for immersive observation of engineering models.

Experiment S3 Fall

"The Fall" is one of the experiments by VRARlab, associated with spectacular movements in virtual space. The project combines Oculus Rift and Kinect. Developed with Unity 3D.

Experiment 8 "The Hauhet"

The experiment demonstrates combined usage of Oculus Rift and Leap Motion devices. Player selects fragment of the scene with direction of his view. The fragment can be moved along one of axis (top-down or forward-backward) with Leap Motion. This changes direction of laser beam reflected by fragment. The goal is point the beam to pyramid. This project was developed for Leap Motion 3D Jam presented by IndieCade.

Room H6 "The Cube"

The experiment demonstrates synchronization of real and virtual objects. Each rotation of the cube in real world leads to rotation of the virtual one. Cube orientation data provided by sensors of a smartphone placed inside the cube. When the ball hits the maze the phone vibrates and passes vibration to walls of the cube.

Room 4F
"The Fragmentation"

Imagine a world taken to pieces. The room, the furniture – everything has burst to pieces hung in a blank emptiness. How can you put the pieces of the realityback together if you have no hands? The task of the player is to understand that the position of the fragments changes along with the head movement. Every initial object has its own assemblage point, you just need to find it, focus and keep the balance. You should keep going until the space is restored.

Room 3-14 "The Switcher"

Are you afraid of the dark? If somebody makes you turn the light off with our own hand in an ominous room, how soon will you turn it back on? And what if you notice that something in the room is changing…
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